Who is my Superfan? 😈

How to Create Superfan NFT

  • Every user who activated their Creator Staking Pool will have a Superfan NFT
  • After activating their pool, their Superfan NFT will first be owned by Only1 vault and it will be put on auction on the Only1 NFT marketplace
  • The auction will last 7 days with no minimum bid price, when auction finishes, the NFT can be claimed by the highest bidder (see fee structure below)

Superfan NFT holder perks and earnings

  • Superfan NFT holder earns 25% of what the creator earns from the Creator Staking Pool
  • Superfan NFT holder name and profile picture will be displayed on the creator's profile
  • more perks coming soon..

Fee Structure

Creator - Receives 80% of initial Sale and 2.5% royalties
Platform - Receives 20% of initial Sale and 2%/1%* platform fee
Superfan - Receives 95.5%/96.5%* of subsequent sale (2.5% to Creator and 2%/1%* to Platform)
*Platform fee will be reduced to 1% if secondary sale is in LIKE
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How to Create Superfan NFT
Superfan NFT holder perks and earnings
Fee Structure