Being your favorite creator’s biggest advocate, gaining unique access and rewards for content regulation
Each creator onboarded Only1 will have a Superfan-NFT where they can associate perks and rewards with (i.e. mentor the Superfan-NFT owner on trading strategies). Only1 will mint and list the Superfan-NFT on Only1’s Marketplace(Coming Soon); and users can bid for these NFTs with SOL. If after the 7-day auction period, the highest bid goes below the minimum price or if there's no bidders, the Superfan-NFT will be re-auctioned by Only1 subsequently.
Superfan-NFT owner ("Superfan") will receive perks and rewards associated with the Superfan-NFT as well as 0.2% of the total value locked in the creator's staking pool as incentives for content regulations.
Since Superfan-NFT grants owner unique access to the creator, Superfan can provide real time feedback and criticism to the creator to ensure contents are posted according to the DAO’s community guidelines.

Creator's journey

  1. 1.
    Onboard Only1's platform
  2. 2.
    Staking pool created
  3. 3.
    Superfan-NFT minted by Only1 and listed on Only1's Marketplace for a 7-day auction
  4. 4.
    If highest bid goes above minimum price, then the Superfan-NFT is sold to the highest bidder; whereas if the highest bid goes below minimum price OR there is no bidder, the Superfan-NFT will be re-auctioned by Only1
  5. 5.
    Receive SOL on your initial sale
  6. 6.
    (Optional) Receive SOL/LIKE from secondary sales

Superfan’s journey

  1. 1.
    Buy the Superfan-NFT of your favorite creators on Only1's Marketplace with SOL
  2. 2.
    Receive the following benefits;
    • Superfan NFT owner on creator’s profile
    • Perks/Rewards associated with the Superfan-NFT
    • 0.2% of the total value locked in creator’s staking pool, rewards (in LIKE) distributed per second
  3. 3.
    (Optional) Resell the Superfan-NFT on Only1 Marketplace and receive SOL/LIKE on your sale

Fee Structure

Creator - Receives 80% of initial Sale and 2.5% royalties
Platform - Receives 20% of initial Sale and 2%/1%* platform fee
Superfan - Receives 95.5%/96.5%* of subsequent sale (2.5% to Creator and 2%/1%* to Platform)
*Platform fee will be reduced to 1% if secondary sale is in LIKE
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