Executive Summary

Official Only1 Whitepaper, updated June 2022

Social platform powering the Web 3.0 Creator Economy

Only1 is a Web 3.0 social platform where users earn by engaging, and can launch Memberpass NFTs and post exclusive content for members. Only1 offers a Web 3.0 solution to creator economy and fan engagement, decentralisation is coming to social media.

Traditional Social Platforms are broken

Traditional centralized social media corporations are holding too much power over our personal data, influencing the way we think, and are being unfair to the content creators that ultimately makes these platforms useful.
  • Unfair Creator Economy - Creators do not earn enough from centralised social platforms. Centralised social platforms get paid for user's engagement, not creators that ultimately make these platforms valuable.
  • Lack Data & Content Ownership - Centralized platforms store and sell user data to third parties where users have no control over who or how these purchasers use their data
  • Authoritarian Control & Propagandas - Centralized platform build their discovery algorithms to prioritize commercialisation of corporations or serve political agendas

Our Solution

  • Fair Creator Economy - Platform redistribute revenue back to creators, creators are rewarded fairly based on their social activities
  • Decentralized Content Moderation - Community set out platform guidelines, not one single entity can deem specific content inappropriate
  • Control over personal data - Users can keep their real world identities hidden
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