Design philosophy
Only1 is aimed to serve a purpose to millions of users so it must be designed as a high performant and scalable application with minimum usage of third-party dependencies. We lean towards a hybrid architecture because this way we can leverage the speed and convenience of both worlds through indexing web3 data and delivering digital assets from traditional CDN.
Our backend is using Golang behind ELB. Autoscale Groups scale instances automatically so any heavy load is not an issue. We keep some data in PostgreSQL and cache in Redis. Like any other crypto-related project we have to mitigate multiple attacks every week. We’ve tried different WAF solutions and so far Cloudflare works the best for us. We use Content Delivery Network from Cloudflare as well. On the frontend side, we use Nextjs hosted on Vercel. We have developed our own UI kit library which integrates with all of our apps through npm packages. Thanks to Storybook and Chromatic we can isolate our UI kit development from other applications. At Only1 we try to implement our own in-house tech solutions such as Staking, NFT lottery program, etc. We are confident in investing our time in it rather than outsourcing or using any fork of a well-known Solana projects.
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