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Why become an Only1 Creator?

  1. 1.
    Create-to-Earn - The more quality content you create, the higher rewards you will get
    • Superfan-NFT sale and royalties from subsequent sales
    • Unlockable Content NFT sale, unlock fee and royalties from subsequent sales
    • Staking Pool Rewards - The more active across socials and quality content you create, the higher APY of your creator staking pool; attracting more users to stake $LIKE in your pool (higher TVL), hence higher rewards from having a y% split of the pool every day
  2. 2.
    Speak what you want - No more central authority to decide what you can or cannot post
  3. 3.
    Large community and audience base - With a combined reach of over 90K audiences, you may find your next biggest supporter here on Only1

How to become an Only1 Creator?

During our beta stage, interested persons should read and understand the community guidelines, complete the sign up form and one of our team will contact you for further information should we decide to proceed with your application.
As we approach public launch, creators will be able to sign up in an automated manner. Prior becoming a creator on the platform they will have to pass KYC. After the process is completed they will have to pay a platform fee if they want to create a staking pool. Other functionalities, eg. messenger with tips, will become available straight away.

INO Enquiries

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Partnerships and General Enquiries

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