Tokenomics Modelling


  • Tokenomics features a revenue-reward threshold mechanism to ensure the outflow of tokens is always fewer than the inflow. There also is a monthly burn mechanism to consistency reduce the total supply.
  • Reward for users will come from platform revenue. The difference between conventional social media and Only1 is that, the revenue is shared back to the users who generated the value at the first place by participating on the network.

A Deflationary & Sustainable Tokenomics

In Only1's business models, there are several platform-related sources for token inflows and outflows, detailed below;

LIKE token Inflow:

  • NFT Marketplace — 2%/1%* Platform fee per transaction
  • Superfan-NFT — 20% Platform fee per primary sale & 2%/1%* secondary sale
  • Unlockable Content NFT — 20% Platform fee per unlock & 2%/1% secondary sale
  • NFT Launchpad — To be announced
*Platform fee will be reduced to 1% if secondary sale is in LIKE

LIKE token Outflow:

  • Creators' rewards from staking pool (0.4% of Total Value Locked (TVL) in his/her creator staking pool)
  • Superfan-NFT holders' rewards from staking pool (0.2% of Total Value Locked (TVL) in the creator's staking pool)
  • APY Staking rewards to users who staked LIKE in creators staking pools

LIKE token Burn:

There will be a monthly token burn event starting from the official public launch, tokens are removed from the blockchain and permanently taken out of circulation. Below shows how the burning mechanism works.
  • Monthly platform token inflows announced at end of month
  • 50% (calculated in USD value) monthly inflows in LIKE will be burnt or removed from circulation reducing the total supply of LIKE permanently
  • If any of the 50% to be burnt is not in LIKE, then it will be first used to buyback LIKE
The token burning mechanism is reviewed quarterly to adjust for optimum platform performance and the token inflows and the burning mechanics will offset the inflationary effects from the token reward mechanics.

Mathematical modelling of platform token flows

Monthly token outflow include:
  • Total amount of tokens rewarded to creators and Superfan-NFT holders are;
Total amount reward to creators in each month=k=1N0.004  × TVLkTotal \space amount \space reward \space to \space creators \space in \space each \space month =\sum_{k=1}^N 0.004 \space \space \times \space TVL_k
Total amount reward to Superfan NFT holders in each month=k=1N 0.002 × TVLkTotal \space amount \space reward \space to \space Superfan \space NFT \space holders \space in \space each \space month =\sum_{k=1}^\N\space 0.002 \space \times \space TVL_k
k=The kth Creatork = The \space kth \space Creator
N=Total Number of CreatorsN = Total \space Number \space of \space Creators
TVLk=Total Value Locked in the kth Creator Staking PoolTVL_k = Total \space Value \space Locked \space in \space the \space kth \space Creator \space Staking \space Pool
  • Total amount of tokens rewarded to LIKE holders who staked their tokens in creator staking pools, see here for APY calculation.
Therefore, total monthly token outflow equals to:
Total Monthly Token Outflow=OTotal=k=1NTVLk(0.004+0.002+APYk/12)Total \space Monthly \space Token \space Outflow = O_{Total} = \sum_{k=1} ^N TVL_k(0.004 +0.002 + APY_k/12)
This amount conditioned on token inflow as follow;
This tokenomics model will be reviewed quarterly to adjust for optimum platform performance.
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