Community Guideline
Any social network will require some sorts of control system to ensure safety, fairness and satisfaction for its users. As a Web 3.0 social dApp, this responsibility of setting community guidelines and self-regulation will be appointed to our DAO Community: LIKE holders.
Before we reach a big enough user base for passing proposals or decisions that's statistically unbiased, project team will act as content regulator to ensure all content posted on Only1’s platform and socials do abide by below community guidelines;

The Dos

  • Be respectful to everyone
  • Be appropriate for a diverse audience
  • Post your own original photos, videos, and GIFs
  • Be lawful
  • Get off social media once in a while, go outdoors, talk to humans in person!

The Don'ts

  • Don't post other people's content without permission
  • Don't post nudity, gore, or violence
  • Don't spam people
  • Don't glorify disrespectful behaviors, cyberbullying, self-injury, financially irresponsible behaviors, or any kind of negativities

What happens if somebody breaches the community guidelines?

It is our duty to protect our community from any types of harm and negativities. Contents that violate our guidelines will be removed, and creators that continually violate our guidelines will have their accounts frozen. Should you have any doubts, suggestions or complaints regarding the above guidelines, please feel free to contact our Team.
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