Memberpass NFT

Your members-only page on Solana 🔓

Post Exclusive Content for your Members 🔓

  • When posting content, you may choose "Members Only"
  • Users that hold your Memberpass NFT are members
  • Users that do not hold your Memberpass NFT will see a blurred image

Creating your Memberpass NFT

  • Click "Create Memberpass NFT"
  • Input key data
    • Name e.g. Sally's Private Club
    • Description e.g. I will post exclusive content for members, and might have zoom calls with the lucky few
    • Supply - the supply determines how many memberpass in total can be minted
    • Price - the price will determine how much each user pay to mint a memberpass
    • Image - this image will display in user's wallets and on NFT marketplace

Earning and Fee Structure

  • Default creator fee / royalties setting - 2.5%
  • Initial mint - Creator earns 80%, platform earns 20%
  • Secondary sale on Only1 - Creator earns 2.5%, platform earns 2%, seller earns 95.5%

Strategy: Getting Members

  • Tell your audience on other socials you have embarked on the web3 exclusive content journey
  • Be active and post more content and engage. Connect with your fans!
  • Limit the supply of memberpass to generate FOMO (Fear of missing out) and higher secondary market place. For example, if the jockey club has infinite membership cards, each will not be worth much.
Fans can purchase memberpass to view exclusive content
Creation of memberpass NFT takes minutes