Creator Staking Pool
Social Activities indicator and Content Control
Each creator will have a staking pool created for them when they onboard Only1. Users and supporters can stake LIKE tokens to earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Rewards. The APY of each creator will adjust according to their social activities across various platforms.
Creator Staking Pool APY serves to exercise content control. APY of a creator is ‘slashed’ when bad content is flagged from DAO Community (we call this “Proof-of-Content”) and vice versa when the creator is actively creating content that abides by the DAO’s community guidelines.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Algorithm

Factors and Metrices

APY of a creator’s staking pool should correlate to his/her social activities across different platforms. The APY calculation algorithm takes into account the following factors, and will be continually reviewed and updated to optimize for maximum social engagement and fair rewards for all users;

A. Following (F)

  • Number of followers/friends/subscribers
  • Audience Growth

B. Content (C)

  • Content Produced
    • Twitter - Number of Tweets
    • Facebook - Posts, Albums, Live Streams, Groups or Forums joined
    • Youtube - Number of of Videos, Live Streams
    • Instagram - Number of Posts, Stories, Reels
    • TikTok - Number of Videos
  • Update Frequency
  • Impression
  • Reach

C. Engagement (E)

  • Clicks
  • Retweets
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Mention

D. Tokenomics (T)

  • Tokens release should be in accordance with our vesting scheduled for Community Pool outlined in here [Insert Link]


The APY of the k-th creator can be calculated as:
APYk=Logistic(mk)       0mk1APY_k = Logistic(m_k) \space\space\space\space\space\space\space 0 \le m_k \le1
The Logistic function is defined as:
Logistic(x)=APYmax1+eb(xa)Logistic(x)= \frac {APY \scriptstyle max}{1+e^{{-b(x-a)}}}
APYmax=Max yield a fan can earn from a creatorAPY_{max} = Max \space yield \space a \space fan \space can \space earn \space from \space a \space creator
a=A value where the APYmax is halfeda = A \space value \space where \space the \space APY_{max} \space is \space halfed
b=A constant to control the steepness of the logistic curveb = A \space constant \space to \space control \space the \space steepness \space of \space the \space logistic \space curve
mk=wFF+wCC+wEE+wTTm_k = w_FF + w_CC +w_EE +w_TT
0wF,wC,wE,wT,F,C,E,T1 and wF+wC+wF+wT=10\le w_F,w_C,w_E,w_T,F,C,E,T\le1 \space and \space w_F+w_C+w_F+w_T=1
wF=weighting assigned to the overall following factorw_F = weighting \space assigned \space to \space the \space overall \space following \space factor
wC=weighting assigned to the overall content factorw_C = weighting \space assigned \space to \space the \space overall \space content \space factor
wE=weighting assigned to the overall engagement factorw_E = weighting \space assigned \space to \space the \space overall \space engagement \space factor
wT=weighting assigned to the overall tokenomics factorw_T = weighting \space assigned \space to \space the \space overall \space tokenomics \space factor

Overall Social Factor

The overall social factors, F, C, E, and T, can be calculated as the weighted average of all the sub-social factors within the corresponding overall social factor categories.
Overall Social Factor=j=1NwSub Social Factor,jSub Social FactorjOverall \space Social \space Factor = \sum_{j=1}^\N w_{Sub \space Social \space Factor,j} Sub \space Social \space Factor_j
0 wSub Social Factor,j 10\le \forall \space w_{Sub \space Social \space Factor,j} \space \le1
0 Sub Social Factorj10\le \forall \space Sub \space Social \space Factor_j\le1
j=1MwSub Social Factor,j=1\sum_{j=1}^M w_{Sub \space Social \space Factor,j} =1
wSub Social Factor,j=Weighting assigned to the jth sub social actor within an overall social factor w_{Sub \space Social \space Factor,j} = Weighting \space assigned \space to \space the \space jth \space sub \space social \space actor \space within \space an \space overall \space social \space factor
Sub Social Factorj=The jth sub social factor within an overall social factor Sub \space Social \space Factor_j =The \space jth \space sub \space social \space factor \space within \space an \space overall \space social \space factor
M=The total number of the sub social factors within an overall social factorM = The \space total \space number \space of \space the \space sub\space social \space factors \space within \space an \space overall \space social \space factor

Sub Social Factor

The sub social factor in each overall social factor can be defined as:
Sub Social Factor=p=1QwPlatform,pPlatform VariablepSub \space Social \space Factor = \sum_{p=1}^Q w_{Platform,p} Platform \space Variable_p
0 wPlatform,p10\le \forall \space w_{Platform,p}\le1
0 Platform Variablep10\le \forall \space Platform \space Variable _p\le1
p=1QwPlatform,p=1\sum_{p=1}^Q w_{Platform,p} =1
wPlatform,p=Weighting assigned to the pth platformw_{Platform,p} = Weighting \space assigned \space to \space the \space pth \space platform
Platform Variablep=pth platform variablePlatform \space Variable _p = pth \space platform \space variable
Q=Total number of the social platforms managed by a creatorQ = Total \space number \space of \space the \space social \space platforms \space managed \space by \space a \space creator
The weightings assigned to each social platform of the creator is depending on the “active status” of the platforms, i.e. whether the creator is actively managing his or her social platforms.

Platform Variables

Each platform variable is following a pre-defined distribution so that:
0 Platform Variable Values10\le \forall \space Platform \space Variable \space Values \le 1

Data Engineering

The above data will be extracted from socials using open APIs, transformed, and analyzed for real-time APY calculation. More about the technology behind here.


Creators will get 0.4% of the total value locked in their creator staking pool by seconds as a reward for being active and producing quality content that abides with the community guidelines.
These rewards will be given out in LIKE from the Community Pool according to the pre-set vesting schedule.
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