1. What is Only1 and how does Only1 work?

Ans: Only1 is the first web 3.0 social platform built on Solana. The platform offers an on-chain creator economy via the NFT marketplace and creator staking pools so that creators and viewers are rewarded fairly. Read more about us here.

2. What is Only1's native token?

Ans: Our native token is a spl-token- LIKE. We had our IDO on Raydium.io 3 Aug 2021. LIKE's totally supply is limited to 500,000,000.

3. Where can I buy LIKE tokens?

Ans: LIKE can be purchased on Raydium.io, AscendEX, KuCoin, Gate.io, MEXC Global and many more exchanges. Complete list can be found here.

4. What is Only1's Official Contract Address?

Ans: 3bRTivrVsitbmCTGtqwp7hxXPsybkjn4XLNtPsHqa3zR



1. Is there a minimum amount of tips I have to pledge with my message?

Ans: No. Itโ€™s up to you how much you want to attach with your message. You can shoot your favorite creator a message without tips and itโ€™s up to their discretion whether to respond.

2. If the creator has not responded to my message, can I refund my tip?

Ans: Tips will not be refunded by Only1.


1. How many Superfan-NFT can each creator issue?

Ans: 1, for now.

2. Can creators keep their Superfan-NFT?

Ans: No. Only1 will automatically mint the superfan-NFT for creators and list them on Only1's Marketplace for a 7-day auction.

3. Who will set the minimum price of the initial sale of Superfan-NFT? What if the highest bid falls below the minimum price?

Ans: The Creator will set the minimum price of the initial sale. If the highest bid falls below the minimum price, the Superfan-NFT will be re-auctioned after the initial auction closes.

4. What happens if no one bids for the Superfan-NFT? Will the creator receive the 0.2% of Total Value Locked (TVL) in his/her creator staking pool that the Superfan-NFT owner is entitled to?

Ans: It will be re-auctioned by Only1 after the 7-day auction. No, the creator will not receive the 0.2% of TVL that the Superfan-NFT owner is entitled to.

5. Can creators or Superfan-NFT owner sell/re-sell their Superfan-NFT in other marketplaces?

Ans: No. Since Only1 will automatically mint the Superfan-NFT for creators and list them on Only1's Marketplace, creators cannot sell their Superfan-NFT in other marketplaces. Likewise, Superfan-NFT owners should only sell these NFTs at Only1's Marketplace to ensure correct rewards distribution.

6. Can creators/Superfan-NFT owner choose to list their Superfan-NFT in $SOL or LIKE?

Ans: Initial Sale will be in $SOL. Superfan-NFT owners can choose to re-sell their Superfan-NFTs in $SOL or LIKE on Only1's marketplace, they can benefit from a 1% discount platform fee if the sale is in LIKE. More detail on fee structure can be found here.

Unlockable Content NFT

1. How many pieces of exclusive content can each key-NFT unlock?

Ans: Only 1. Each piece of exclusive content will have its designated key-NFT.

2. How many pieces of exclusive content can each creator create?

Ans: As many as possible, each piece of exclusive content will have its designated key-NFT.

3. Can creators/Unlockable Content NFT Owners choose to list their key-NFTs in $SOL or LIKE?

Ans: Yes. Users can choose to list Unlockable Content NFTs in $SOL or LIKE. They will receive different proportions of the sale outlined in Fee structure table in the Cryptocurrency they list with.

4. Can users choose to unlock these premium content in $SOL or LIKE?

Ans: No. Unlocking fee will be in LIKE only.


1. What is the difference between LIKE staking DAO and the Ones DAO?

Ans: The Ones DAO is for Product preview, vote for next INO, marketing events, where LIKE staking is for Content moderation, platform development

The Ones DAO

1. If I list my the ONEs on MagicEden/Solsea, will I still be eligible to join the ONEs DAO?

Ans: No. You have to delist in order to pass the telegram/Discord bot to verify holdings

2. Do I get a different OG badge if I own more than 1 the Ones?

Ans: There is only 1 OG badge at the moment. But who knows, our DAO can propose!

3. Does the rarity of my NFT affect my voting weight?

Ans: Currently, you hold one vote for every the Ones you own. So if you own 100 the ONEs, your have 100 votes.

4. How and when will I get paid from the governance fund?

Ans: Reward from the governance fund will be paid to the address that holds the Ones. It will be paid monthly after 1,000 the Ones has been bought back and burnt.

Creator Sign Up

1. Are there any requirements for becoming a creator on Only1?

Ans: During Beta, we are onboarding creators manually after personally speaking with them. As long as their content is authentic, interesting or expertise on particular genres, we are happy to have them on Only1. As the platform scales up to support more creators (public launch), we will review the KYC process and simplify the onboarding process.


1. Why do users have different badges or titles in Telegram/Discord?

Ans: "OnlyFrens" are the top contributors of Telegram and Discord channels. OnlyFrens are community members who are advocates for Only1 and spread positivity around the server. They get early access to our products and services to give comments and recommendations. Anyone can become an "OnlyFren"! We are screening 24/7 for members that can be added to the list.
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