The minds behind Only1


C Level

Leon Lee - Founder and CEO

Leon Lee was trained as a genetic engineer at Imperial College London and his first start up was a college funded biotech project. He later joined multiple startups, self taught programming and also participated in ICOs earlier in 2017 which sparked his interest in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Dan Lilienblum - CTO

Has master's degree in mathematics and used to do math modeling. Later, joined and launched multiple start-ups at an early stage. Has been working in the crypto space since 2017. Previously a senior software engineer at Binance and Dash. Dan has vast knowledge in programming and is well versed in the latest trends. He is dedicated to his work and always ready to help someone in need.

Joey Cheng - COO

Graduated from Imperial College London with a Mathematics degree and a Masters in Business Marketing from Warwick Business School. Joey started out in Marketing, then moved onto Business Development with a focus on Business Intelligence and Digital innovation.

Solana MOJO - CMO

Leading NFT Campaigns for Major Artists, Influencers, and Celebrities


Leafre - Blockchain Engineer

A systems programmer that started programming at an early age who had sold software for Bitcoin since 2009. Previously won international research competitions under Google, Microsoft, the US Department of State, Shell, and General Electric. Spends countless hours working on and researching new algorithms, data structures, consensus protocols, and statistical sampling models. A big fan of the Zig programming language.

rottenMonke - Frontend Engineer

A front end engineer with 4 years of experience in writing reliable and efficient software.

Oscar Bailey - Core Engineer

Oscar Bailey graduated from Bristol University with a Masters in Computer Science, followed by three years designing, building, and verifying highly concurrent embedded systems. He then branched out as a systems engineer creating networked applications in mass-production factory environments before focusing on Blockchain engineering.

Daniel - Frontend Engineer

Daniel is a senior UX engineer and team leader with 10 years of experience in programming, tech consulting, and driving and coordinating teams. Specialising in web project development for e-commerce projects to in-corporate startup launches with complex UI and microservice backend. He previously worked for digital media, charity/human rights projects, and big corporations. Daniel is passionate about bleeding-edge UI and product design and aspires to bring accessibility in developing interfaces.

Tomáš Korčák - Core Engineer

Tomáš is an experienced programmer, skilled architect and science lover with over 15+ years of field experience in different domains and industries. He started as an engineer in the aerospace sector and spent years developing AAA games for XBOX and PS3. He previously worked for a cloud business intelligence platform during the big data era before leaping into the space with his passion for crypto and joining a mineable multi-chain protocol.


Morning Wu - Digital Marketing Lead

Morning has been in the field of digital marketing for over 10 years in Hong Kong and London. His experience includes assisting multiple startups in designing user acquisition strategies, enhancing business performance, and achieving aggressive growth on a global scale.

Luc Duijn - Community Manager

Luc is an experienced online marketing strategist with years of experience in both Germany and The Netherlands. He worked as a performance marketer in one of Germany’s biggest online fashion outlets, assisting in improvement of major KPIs, before working for one of the world’s biggest meal-delivery services, improving the internal efficiency of the company.


Damir Cengic - Design Lead

Previously Design Lead at CryptoLocally, Senior UX/UI Designer at Binance & Binance Academy. Background Bachelor of Computer Science. Advisor to several startups & crypto projects, with a focus on the Solana ecosystem.

Woody Yu - UX/UI Designer

Woody Yu is UX/UI designer based in Hong Kong and worked on the design domain for 15 years. Proven product design and project management skills with global companies such as AIA, OKEx.


Vincent Wong - Tokenomics Analyst

Graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with an engineering degree, a master’s degree in finance from Imperial College Business School and an MBA from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Vincent started out in engineering, then moved onto the finance industry with a focus on risk and investment analysis. Vincent is a CFA Charterholder, CAIA Charterholder and Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM).