1. What is Only1 and how does Only1 work?
2. What is Only1's native token?
3. Where can I buy LIKE tokens?
4. What is Only1's Official Contract Address?



1. How many Superfan-NFT can each creator issue?
2. Can creators keep their Superfan-NFT?
3. What happens if no one bids for the Superfan-NFT? Will the creator receive the 0.2% of Total Value Locked (TVL) in his/her creator staking pool that the Superfan-NFT owner is entitled to?
4. Can creators or Superfan-NFT owner sell/re-sell their Superfan-NFT in other marketplaces?
5. Can creators/Superfan-NFT owner choose to list their Superfan-NFT in $SOL or LIKE?

Web3 Messenger

1. Is there a minimum amount of tips I have to pledge with my message?
2. If the creator has not responded to my message, can I refund my tip?
3. Does Only1 take a portion of the tip?


1. What is the difference between LIKE staking DAO and the Ones DAO?
2. If I list my The Ones on Marketplace, will I still be eligible to join the ONEs DAO?
3. Do I get a different OG badge if I own more than 1 the Ones?
4. Does the rarity of my NFT affect my voting weight?
5. How and when will I get paid from the governance fund?


1. Why do users have different badges or titles in Telegram/Discord?
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